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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Salam semangat baru...

Assalammualaikum... Lama da K tinggalkan blog ni.. Lama sebab malas nak update and K tak tau nak cerita ape.. Bukan apa, bnyk yg K buat sekarang semua tak rasa sedan kalau nak share... Kire tak manis laa... Sebab cerita cerita Salam kain bak kata org tua tu kan... But now, I'm returning to my world of blogging sebab, I just realize that I have to share my experience with people... Ok.. Sejak hujung tabun lepas, I've been busy with some seminar.. Mula dengan paksaan ibu, after one seminar I realize that I have to do something... So with that seminar I have meet this one great mentor named Dr.Azizan Osman. He is a multimillionaire and he has achieve what he want in the world... Dr Azizan has teach me alot and give me more and more idea on how to get a better life. Salam seminar tu, macam macam yg K belabor.. And yet, instead of one class, K da attend 3 kelas DAO and ade lagi lebih kurang 4 kelas untuk attend. And this is not only about business and mencari kekayaan dunia tau, DAO also teach us how to get better life and be a better person and also be a humble human to the almighty.. There is many thing I want to do.. But the most important is, what ever I'm gonna be, what ever I do, I have to add value to others people life. Senang kate, ape yg K nak buat lepas ni K akan pastikan, apa yang K buat tu dapat member kesenangan atau menambah baikkan kehidupan orang lain... Though I know some people might hate me, or feel me annoying, just for them to know that I want them to have a better life.. And I do that because I love you guys a lot.. This refers to my beloved fellow in Lepak Chill.. Which considered all of my beloved friends... I am not a perfect person but at least I tried my best to generate people life to be at least almost perfect... Till then buddies, Holai vua ........

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