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Saturday, October 29, 2011

End of Second Semester...

lama tak jumpa kan.

as for the entry title.. past few months i have been rarely updating my blog.. and as i realized, i will usually update blog ni early of the semester, middle of the semester and at the end of the semester.. and of course, time cuti.. tu pon kalau cuti panjang and kalau time cuti tu ade masa lapang.. kalau tak, jarang jarang la K update blog ni kan..
so untuk entry kali ni, now its been a few days before my first final paper start.. and to sum up the whole semester, it has been a real blast. i have be in a great moment. met a great person around me. and i have been in a great situation. what else can be great other then experience kan. 
i would appreciate all that i have been through this semester. i really hope i will learn something. 
so for this sem, i really hope and pray to get much more better result then last sem of course. and i really hope that i have more time to update..

banyak luahan hati yang nak di luahkan.. banyak cerita nak di ceritakan.. banyak gambar nak kongsi.. and banyak sangat la benda nak bgtau...

btw, i really do miss blogging...
sabar erk... dear B. ade masa i will blog a lot.. 


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