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Friday, April 08, 2011

I'll Be Missing YOU J

hello semua.

well. K da lama tak update blog. seens da bertapa dekat rumah tak buat apa-apa... 
but then i realize. i have to check up this blog. sebab, in less then 2 days, ill no longer be at home sweet home.. or  can say i will move out from my comfort zone..

i never feel this awkward before.. OOMMMJJJAY!

ok K will be leaving JB, the beloved city and Kluang, Sweet and Most comfort hometown of mine. 
I'm moving on for good.. nak further study la semestinya.. Ill be in Shah Alam soon everybody lepas ni...

so, semalam, i just came back from JB. meeting my beloved friends for the real last time.. lepakking chilling dengan my ex-housemate macam dolu-dolu... 
and then yet, i suddenly realize, ill going to really miss this city.


although, baru je stay dekat sana beberapa tahun.. it has been 3 years. that place has make me grow up girl.. i learn my life from there.. 
now. im going to leave all that behind...
there, so much memories, that i have been through. 

place where i meet my BFF
place where i spend a lot of time with my friend.
place where i learn the mean of life.. 
place where i meet the person i adore.. Ooohh Myy!

but i will come back.. in a few more years.. 

wehh. lepas ni, takde lagi lepak di starbucks JJ Bukit Indah

no more lepak petang kat Istana Garden...

no more kacau - kacau orang dekat Danga Bay..

no more jalan-jalan cuci mata dekat Pasar Karat..

seriously.. banyak gila yang akan aku rindu kat JB ni.. sangat banyak... 

* im being too emotional. sebab lepas ni kalau balik pon, balik kluang.. tak blk jb da..


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