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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hurt and Been Hurt by

Selamat pagi (when this entry was typed)

Going straight to the title of the entry.. suddenly i have a feeling that something is going wrong somewhere.. 
which is, i didn't know what and why is it about.. 

seriously.. no idea at all. 
is it i have make anyone HURT?
is it i have HURT someone heart?
is it i did something that HURT my friends?

i seriously don't know, what is it about..
i hope its just a feeling where people like me or anybody usually have.

but.. anyhow, if there anyone who read this entry.., is the person who have being hurt by me.. please..confront with me.. i don't mind.. seriously... just tell me the truth.. 
and i bet you know how to contact me.. just tell me and i will give you my own reason back and my thousand of apology..
* this is referring to anybody who feel hurt by me..

i am a person who hate to hurt a person.. so please people.. don't hurt anyone..
if you do so, you would want to think again, do you like to be hurt by anyone..

there is a quote that says...
" It only takes a second to HURT someone you love, but it takes years to heel"
so.. don't simply hurt people....

*this entry also is referring to me myself..
"K... Please don't hurt people..."

i know, someone out there, might say, and might be ask, what if.. 
"we didn't hurt people.. but people do hurt us??"

alright. for that... just make it simple like this..

the almighty know whose wrong and whose right.. Think it and take it positively.. I know its hard to take things easy.. because, me myself sometimes couldn't bare myself. but all you have to do is.. be a Lil bit patient.. sit back relax.. and think positively... find someone or some place where you can feel calm..

being HURT will make people go nut and insane...
there are some people who can't confront with those kind of situation will do something above the yellow line..

Wrapping up.. in order to HURT people around us, why don't we just keep it to ourself.. that much better will relieve ourself.. or just go and confront that person. have a good talk.. 

and for someone who have HURT any one... just go and say sorry to the person that you've hurt.. apologizing is the best cure.. 


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