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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pengaruh Besar Bhai!

hello.. assalammualaikum....
as anda boleh baca, ini adalah blog kedua yg di update dalam hari ini, sejak yg terakhir pg tadi.. CHOP! tengahari sebenarnye. 

so, seen a few days ago. K ashik sgt menonton vblog-vblog yg best2 belaka.. heba' sokmo la... wait... am i being redundant here? yes!  OMJ! 
sbb K da cerita psal Vblog dekat blog yg pagi tadi.. OK..! tengah hari...

so then... 
Vblog.. die ade lah videoblog.. . and those vblog can be made by anyone. huhuhuhu.. 
well. so so attracted with this 3 people. which is the were sooooooo guuuddd!!! 

he is good!! wait.. if u guys watch his video... it contains alot of good information.. yes he do sometimes be sarcastic but... his actually telling the truth.. don't believe it? u better watch it... 

she is ssoooo awesome!! she is so hilarious.. it doesn't matter what other said.. some girls might said that she is soo gedik! yoo over nyer perempuan ni and anything else.. but for me.. its her way to express her feeling ya. if you dont like it.. then, dont watch it..

he is adorable.. hahah... this guy doesn't have a blog.. but ya. he has make a great video.. every each of his video has their own message. 

alright this 3 person has teach me and make me thing about every each topic they have been discuss. they have their own way to express what they think. they have their own personality. 
and as i adore them so much, i also like her..

 she is a teacher, and she has been kick from the school because of what she did.. but as what as i can see, she just do what she like.. 

all of this person never disturb anyone.. all they did is just having fun.. telling everybody what they feel. if doing that is  considered by annoying, then don't watch it. as for me.. i love them all and if they were in front of me, i would like to give them all a standing ovation... 

this is what i feel.. and what i think. u guys can watch them all, and do comment bout them.. just in case u don't like them.. then, don't watch ok..

*p/s: dont judge them by their looks, judge them by what they do. u may think what ever you think. 

till then!! holai vua!!!


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