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Monday, November 29, 2010



hey bud! ape di atas.. well, well, well.. its holiday right.  so maknenye , bile time holiday, its time for a rest,chillex time and excitment. right? And its also a momentfor us to learn something new right. as for me... 
selain drpd belajar ntok memperbaiki editing skills, i spent my holidays with movies!
movies!!! alot! 

And well, im not watching new movies jer.. macam-macam..  oke.. now nak rse jd cam wartawan sekejap..

a few second ago  i just finish watching 'PISAU CUKUR'

yes. cerita da setahun lebih, so?  And then yet, i realise, cerite tuh mmg best. n yes it is full with messages. of course a good one.

support with the best and beautiful actress.. of course its a good film to watch. and u just not simply waste your money to buy and watch this movie.

ahaha.. im not saying this just because i love FAZURA, its seriously best! and interesting. well, macam i selalu cakap, if kite orang melayu tak sokong filem melayu.. mmg sampai bila-bila pon industri kite takkan ke mana..
(opss! ade bunyi macam pengiat industri seni tegar tanah air kan..)
but.. seriously. it comes from bottom of my heart. 
kesian kott.. kat artis-arti kite..nak cari mkn jugak.. if semua lakonan diorang kite kondem. sampai bile pon kite takkan puas hati kan..
so. support sikit lar..
bkn sikit.. support banyak lar...

blog berikutnye will be about another movie..

till then.. 
holai vua!


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