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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Im TIRED larh!!

heyy yoo!

beb! gua da penat! serious! tak tipu! argh! ishk..!!

babo!babo!(korean) aku yg babo! awk.. sory if u read this.. i love yes! i do love you ! i am.. but here, i dont wanna be the bad person. people start to blame me. i dont mind bout that. because, for me people dont know what happen to us. tp when people start to blame you.. i dont like it! sy syg awk sgt2.!
tp u belong to someone else! if u remember. i write this line in my notes rite... i like the way u treat me. i like the way u care of me. i like what ever you did to make me happy... mybe awk tak sedar, ape yg awk buat tuh buat sy happy. sy suke sangat...

tp awk. sy keliru skrang.. do i need to believe what people said bout you.? i thrust you more than the other.. but, i have to take caution in my life rite.. to be hurt by you? its the most dislikeable thing for me..

i dont know what is the motive of this blog..its just what i've been thinking rite know....

sory dear! i love you!!

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