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Monday, October 11, 2010

1 has gone down!!!

hahahaha.. haluuuu..

1st day of this week has finish.. done.. hahahaha.. dgn 2 test yg berjalan serentak.. hah! amek kaw lisa.. pdn muke. sape suruh last2 minit bru nak study. kan. hmmm..

1an half hour for each paper. bole lar buat.. fact ta hafal.. so. logik jerk lar sume.. tp cam tak tahu lar. btol ke ta as usual, i will act its notin. tp dlm aty aku jer yg tahu weyh.. huhuhuhuh.. so 4 ary lg nak tempoh. kte tgk jer lar. ape yg bkl terjadi.. adakah boleyh bertenang seketika atau berlari seperti biase.. hahahahahah...

n behind this 1st day story.. i wanna write bout, feelin. but i cant let it out.. what i feel mybe just feeling. but still a feeling rite.. i need time.. im new on this.. n im still trying to chilling. i always give an advise to people bout that.. but when it comes to me.. its not easy though.. but its oke.. i noe its gonna hurt.. but ill have to faced it. its an experiance rite.. huhuhuhu.. im smiling.. but inside only god noe..

but chillex buddies.. ill be fine...

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