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Monday, May 24, 2010

I hate u but i love u??

yeaah! hye guys!!!

why on earth mesty ade owg yg cam tuh. k, its act just a feeling that i have to let it out.. fine i like u so what? n yes i understand that u have other commitment, n i can let you go on with your life. i want you to be happy. n ill be happy if u'r happy. but why r u doing this to me.. i dont want ur sympathy k. i dont need it. i didnt ask for it neither. so go lar.. dont pretending like u love me but the truth is not..

seriously im really tired of waiting n hoping.. im just a normal person who have feelings too.. so stop playing with my heart will you? i cant take it anymore... bored with it.. you have made your choice, n you have already make a relatinship with her.. so move on... i dont mind at all!!! fine! ill be sad of course! but i can handle it with my own way. n YOU!! just go away! dont you understand it? go away from my life..

but now, you are making my life go crazy.. n i dont want it to be crazy because of you.. please let me be with my own life.. n you making me afraid to put hope on a guy. i dont hate men. but im afraid of them in the case of heart feeling. n it makes me afraid to make friend n be friendly with them... why am i being so stupid in this case of situation.. pnat woyy!


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