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Monday, May 24, 2010

2nd week!!

hola!! hye guys....

today, oh no, semalam.. adelah ary pertama minggu kedua life here in just come back from heavenly home... back to the place that god knows how bored it is..hihihihi... hmmm.. well, the 1st week goes good kot. yelar everyday assignments n quizes for QMT.. n yet everyday i get a chance to see my MR A!! hahaaha tuh jer kot tarikkan yg ade ntok trus kekal kat sni... huhuhuhu..

ape lg nak wat? then.. everytime dlm blk ktowng akn termenung mengenang nasib ddk kat sni.. hahahaha klakar kan.. ksian jer sbnarnyer.
well as i promise ary tuh nak upload gmbar 1st day kat cni kan.. haaa.. nah....

neyh kat gunung ledang.. k, we are planning nak mandy2.. tp coz of hari ujan n yet air sgt deras, then we just can take picture n watching the scene... huhuhhu.. but the place was nice, great place na amik gmbar.. ill make sure the next time i come ill bring along NIKON d90..

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