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Monday, May 04, 2009

Not Rite CondiTIoN



mmm... x tawu lar what is on my mind, i just some kind miss my late grandma alots.. xtaw lar knape... mybe coz before this, every time rse kpale serabot ill call her... n she will me me feel comfortable, even die kkdg x phm mslah nyer... but still shes helping me alot.. i can tell her everything, die x ksah die phm ke x.. yelah she's 86 kot... i understand.. tp tuh lar... now die da xde.. i can find someone who like her... i dont have a friend like her anymore.... family?? tuh satu hal len plak...

neyh lar arwah nenek n my only grandpa yg ade skang.... hj darin n hjh ewah... ilove them so much... this pic is taken on the last family day yg ktowg wat ngan die.... xsmpai a year later die da pergi tinggal ktowng sndri... n i felt sedey sgt coz xde pic i berdua jerk ngan die.. mybe mse tuh i x pkir yg i akn ilang die dlm mse terdekat neyh kan.... but thats it... i just miss her so more place for me to hold on....

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  1. manusia dtg n pergi. termasuk kite. mmg susah utk terima, but kite terpaksa merelakan n 4 sure, ade hikmah dgn semua yg jadik. myb dgn cara ini, kite boleh matang. n belaja mcmane utk menghargai sumone. mcmane pun, kite kene though. n ambil ia sebagai ikhtibar..

    loveyou. (: